IMPACT-T: A 3D Parallel Particle Tracking Code in Time Domain

Introduction: IMPACT-T is a fully three-dimensional program to track relativistic charged particles taking into account space charge forces, short-range longitudinal and transverse wakefields, coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) wakefield in accelerators. IMPACT-T code can run on both massive parallel supercomputers and single processor computers such as Windows PC, Mac, and Linux system. It is one of the few codes used in the photoinjector community that has a parallel implementation, making it very useful for high statistics simulations of beam halos and beam diagnostics. It has a comprehensive set of beamline elements, and furthermore allows arbitrary overlap of their fields, which gives the IMPACT-T a capability to model both the standing wave structure and traveling wave structure. It includes mean-field space-charge solvers based on an integrated Green function to efficiently and accurately treat beams with large aspect ratio, and a shifted Green function to efficiently treat image charge effects of a cathode. It is also unique in its inclusion of energy binning in the space-charge calculation to model beams with large energy spread. It also has a direct N-body solver to calculate stochastic space-charge forces. IMPACT-T has a flexible data structure that allows particles to be stored in containers with common characteristics; for photoinjector simulations the containers represent multiple slices, but in other applications they could correspond, e.g., to particles of different species. Together, all these features make IMPACT-T a powerful and versatile tool for modeling beams in photoinjectors and other systems.

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Primary Developer: Ji Qiang, LBNL
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This web site is still under construction. If you agree with the end user license statement , an executable file, source file, and some utility files can be obtained from Ji Qiang at
The IMPACT code suite also has a position-dependent 3D parallel particle-in-cell code, IMPACT-Z .