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BeamBeam3D: A 3D Parallel Beam-Beam Simulation Code

Introduction: BeamBeam3D is a 3D parallel particle-in-cell code for modeling strong-strong or strong-weak beam-beam interactions in high energy ring colliders. This code includes a self-consistent calculation of the electromagnetic forces (i.e. beam-beam forces) from two colliding beams (i.e. strong-strong modeling), a soft-Gaussian approximation of the beam-beam forces, a linear transfer map model for beam transport between collision points, a stochastic map to treat radiation damping, quantum excitation, an arbitrary orbit separation model, a single map to account for chromaticity effects, and models of conducting wire, crab cavity, electron lens for beam-beam compensation. It can handle multiple bunches from each beam collision at multiple interaction points (IPs) with arbitrary separation and crossing angle. The parallel implementation is done using a particle-field decomposition method to achieve a good load balance. It has been applied to studies of the beam-beam effects at a number colliders such as RHIC, Tevatron, LHC, PEP-II, and KEK-B.


Primary Developer: Ji Qiang, LBNL
This web site is currently under construction. If you agree with the end user license statement , an executable file, source file, and some utility files can be obtained from GitHub .