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IMPACT: Integrated Map and Particle ACcelerator Tracking Code

Introduction: IMPACT-Z is a parallel+serial particle-in-cell code whose primary purpose is to model the dynamics of multiple charged particle beams in linear and ring accelerators. The code uses longitudinal position (z) as independent variable and includes the effects of externally applied fields from magnets and accelerating cavities as well as the effect of self-fields (space charge fields). Mathematically, the code solves the Vlasov/Poisson equations using a particle-based technique. The code, which is written in Fortran90 with MPI, runs on both single-processor and multi-processor systems. It has been applied to studies of halo formation and coupling resonance in high intensity beams, microbunching instability in high brightness electron linac, beam dynamics in SNS linac, JARPC linac, RIA driver linac, CERN superconducting linac, LEDA halo experiment, Proton Synchrotron at CERN, etc.

Application Gallery:

Primary Developer: Ji Qiang, LBNL
Contributors: Robert Ryne, LBNL,...
This web site is currently under construction. If you agree with the end user license statement , an executable file, source file, and some utility files can be obtained from GitHub .
The IMPACT code suite also has a time-dependent 3D parallel particle-in-cell code, IMPACT-T .