Ji Qiang   

Senior Scientist
Accelerator Modeling Program
Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

MS 71B-259.
One Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA 94720

email: [email protected]
Tel: 510-495-2608  

Research interests:

Large-scale particle simulations
Physics of beams
Numerical methods
High performance computing for scientific applications

Selected papers:(Full list (old))

Beam Physics:

"Fast longitudinal beam dynamics optimization in x-ray free electron laser linear accelerators"
"Long-term simulation of space-charge effects"
"Mitigation of envelope instability through fast acceleration in linear accelerators"
"Symplectic particle-in-cell model for space-charge beam dynamics simulation"
"Simulation of beam-beam interaction with crab cavities for LHC upgrade"
"Three-dimensional envelope instability in periodic focusing channels"
"Start-to-end simulation of the shot-noise driven microbunching instability experiment at the Linac Coherent Light Source"
"Symplectic multiparticle tracking model for self-consistent space-charge simulation"
"Wide energy bandwidth superconducting accelerating cavities"
"Start-to-end simulation of x-ray radiation of a next generation light source using the real number of electrons"
"Suppression of microbunching instability using bending magnets in FEL linacs"
"Generation of multi-color attosecond coherent x-ray radiation through modulation compression"
"Generation of attosecond coherent x-ray radiation through modulation compression"
"Short wavelength seeding through compression for free electron lasers"
"Particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo simulation of ion back bombardment in a high average current RF photo-gun"
"High resolution simulation of beam dynamics in electron linacs for x-ray free electron lasers"
"A 3D model for ion beam formation and transport simulation"
"A three-dimensional quasi-static model for high brightnees beam dynamics simulation", "Erratum"
"A parallel particle-in-cell model for beam-beam interactions in high energy ring colliders"
"Space-charge driven emittance growth in a 3D mismatched anisotropic beam"
"Smooth approximation with acceleration in an alternating phase focusing superconducting linac"
"Macroparticle simulation studies of a proton beam halo experiment"
"Self-consistent Langevin simulation of Coulomb collisions in charged-particle beams"
"An object-oriented parallel particle-in-cell code for beam dynamics simulation in linear accelerators"
"Beam halo studies using a three-dimensional particle-core model"

Computational Methods:

"Fast 3D Poisson solvers in elliptical conducting pipe for space-charge simulation"
"A fast parallel 3D Poisson solver with longitudinal periodic and transverse open boundary conditions for space-charge simulations"
"A fast numerical integrator for relativistic charged particle tracking"
"Tuning of an adaptive unified differential evolution algorithm for global optimization"
"Efficient three-dimensional Poisson solvers in open rectangular conducting pipe"
"A high-order fast method for computing convolution integral with smooth kernel"
"Particle-field decomposition and domain decomposition in parallel particle-in-cell beam dynamics simulation"
"Three-dimensional Poisson solver for a charged beam with large aspect ratio in a conducting pipe"
"Parallel 3D Poisson solver for a charged beam in a conducting pipe"
"A second-order stochastic leap-frog algorithm for multiplicative noise Brownian motion"



"IMPACT: Integrated Map and Particle Tracking Code"
"IMPACT-T: A 3D Parallel Particle Tracking Code in Time Domain"
"BeamBeam3D: A 3D Parallel Beam-Beam Simulation Code"

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